It's Not Just Your Imagination

The Wild Gotten

The Wild Gotten

The Wild Gotten

The finding

The Wild Gotten was caught one Summer evening, sneaking about my book shelves.  When I caught it, it told me a story about a giant raven and a little girl born on its back. 

When the girl grew up, she became a God, but there were no people left in the world, so she made some out of stars. Each night a star would fall and she would catch it in a seashell and carry it to the tall tower, where all the great machines whir and whiz and whistle. 

Within, she put her seashell in one of the machines and out from the other side came a person. 

She did this only a few times since those first people were made different than she intended. They had strange eyes and could fly like the great crow.

She lost them one night in a storm cloud. After that, she made people by placing the seashell in the sand.